A better planet, block by block

At Methane Blocks, we're changing the game by tackling two of the world's biggest challenges: energy production and climate change. Our innovative solution captures methane emissions from landfills and uses it to generate electricity to mine Bitcoin. By doing so, we're reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and producing clean energy.

Join us in revolutionizing the energy industry and protecting our planet.

From Trash to Treasure:
How Methane Blocks is Turning Landfill Biogas into Clean Energy

Methane Blocks converts high-methane biogas from Latin America's 10,000+ landfills into clean electricity for reliable off-grid Bitcoin mining. Join us in fighting climate change and turning landfill emissions into a solution.

541,000 T/d

Urban garbage generated in Latin America


Average garbage generated per capita


Of all generated garbage is organic

Our solution

Emissions capture

We capture methane that would otherwise be vented or burned to generate electric energy while solving an environmental problem.

Stranded energy

The economic incentive that Bitcoin's proof of work enables, allows us to monetize energy in stranded locations without access to the grid, while making the mining of Bitcoin more resilient.

Carbon credit token

Apart from capturing Biogas, the project will include a token to facilitate the certification and later commercialization of the carbon credits corresponding to the captured methane.

Our team

We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in assembly, start-up and administration of mining farms, management and development of energy generation projects in landfills.

Pablo Kohan

Economics graduate with 15+ years of experience in the development of production plants, two start-ups of recycling plants for Tetrapak, residual biomass and power generation in sanitary landfills.

Francisco Osca

Formation in Chemical Sciences, entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining.

Etienne Marcus

With training in systems architecture and originally involved in design and programming during the blossoming of the internet, later on specializing in permaculture.

Pablo Surazsky

Has 30+ years of experience in communication, innovation and digital development.

Diego Siwer
Lead Engineer

Data Scientist, Software Engineer, with 25+ years of experience in the Tech Industry, passionate about developing services that solve real-life use cases.

Ariel Garcia
Project Manager

System engineer, PMP-PMI, Scrum Master, +14 Professor in Evaluation of Investment Projects at UTN, +25 years of experience leading technology


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